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Hi, I'm Noah Riffe, I am a photojournalist with a passion to tell the stories of people around the world. I am a native of Seattle, Washington but I spent my high school years in Dallas, Texas. I started covering professional sporting events in 2016, my sophomore year of high school. Moving to Dallas, Texas allowed me to propel my career inside of a very large news and sports market. Gaining that experience and being able to connect with fellow photojournalists was incredibly beneficial in a competitive environment like journalism.

Currently I am studying photojournalism at the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications at Penn State University. Being able to have direct access to the East Coast media market and the largest alumni association in the world made the college my first choice. I am expecting to graduate in the year 2022 with a bachelor’s in photojournalism and a minor in political science.

I want to be one of the best in my field–I am not one to be complacent with my work. I have never doubted the direction in which my career is headed, and I hope to continue such work for the rest of my life. Nothing has made me feel more whole than documenting the world around me.


Photo by: Brandon Riffe

Photo by: Brandon Riffe

Noah Riffe is one of the most talented young professionals in the nation. As a sports photographer covering pro, collegiate and high school events and athletes, his work has appeared online and in print for such major sports media outlets as SB Nation, MaxPreps and Topps. I’ve personally known Noah for more than a decade and I’ve seen his creativity and talent grow steadily over the years. His passion for photography and videography is impressive and, quite simply, he has a great eye for capturing “the best shot.”

As a former TV news manager and producer for more than 30 years, I’ve hired hundreds of talented video and photo professionals across the country. The best of them have a certain combination of talent and energy. I believe Noah has that combination and he will continue to grow into one of the best sports photographers in the business.
— Steve Kraycik (Dir. Of Student Television / Asst. Teaching Professor – Penn State University)
When describing Noah Riffe, I think back to a quote from University of Connecticut women’s head basketball coach Gino Auriemma after a victory. A reporter asked Gino what was the difference in the game. “We had Dina (Taurasi) and they didn’t.”

The same can be said for the Sachse High School yearbook and Mustang Report in what helps to distinguish them from other similar entities. They have had Noah Riffe and other school’s haven’t. His exceptional photography, video shooting and editing skills are close to unparalleled in the 25 years I have been blessed to be in this business.

I would like to think you can teach the majority of students basic camera skills, but it is eye for seeing what others fail to see, which separates him from the overwhelming majority of his peers. It is akin to instincts on a superior athlete - something you know exists, but are not sure why.

Combine the above uncanny skills with an exemplary work ethic and superior intelligence, and you have an individual destined to do great things in life. I give him the highest recommendation possible.
— Jim Thrasher (Retired Sachse High School Publications Adviser)
Photo taken by:    Aabha Vora

Photo taken by: Aabha Vora

Photo taken by:    Dylan Nadwodny

Photo taken by: Dylan Nadwodny

[Noah’s] shots from MLS games were far more interesting than those available to us through USA Today. Noah was able to get up-close and personal (we called the resulting set “From the Sidelines,” due to the intimate and candid feeling of his photographs), and capture fun, enigmatic moments. As a contractor for us, Noah was friendly and professional. His work was on-time, and he was very communicative and agreeable.
— Brandon Bernard (Senior Digital Artist at The Topps Company)

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